Kerala Administrative Service 2019 Syllabus

The much-awaited Kerala Administrative Service 2019 Notification is out The syllabus for the KAS preliminary examination is very much similar to that of UPSC with more focus on Kerala. The mains syllabus is yet to release. We will update you once the official syllabus is out.

Kerala Administrative Service Paper 1


  • History of India and Kerala- Ancient and Medieval Period
  • Modern Period -Modern Indian History (from the 18th century up to the present
  •  Kerala History from 18th century onwards
  •  History of the World (from mid 18th century
  • Cultural Heritage of Kerala
  •  Indian Constitution, Public Administration, Political System, Governance, Social Justice and International Relations
  • Constitutional Authorities – Powers, Functions and Responsibilities
  •  India’s Foreign Policy, International Organisations, International Treaties and Forums, their structure, and mandate
  • Judiciary in India
  • Reasoning, Mental Ability & Simple Arithmetic
  •  Geography- Physical, Social, Economic Geography of World, India, and Kerala
  • Geophysical phenomena like Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanoes, Cyclone, Flood, Landslides.

Kerala Administrative Service Paper 2


  • Economy and Planning- Indian economy on the eve of independence. Indian economy in
    the post-reform period – new economic reforms,
  • NITI Aayog, National Income, and Per Capita Income, Sectoral Composition (Output and
    Employment) – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Development under different policy regimes (including Five Year Plans)
  • Agriculture Sector, Land Reforms in India, Technological change in Agriculture
  • Industrial Policy, Public Sector Enterprises, and their performance, Growth, and pattern of industrialization, Small-scale sector, Productivity in the industrial sector, SEZ and industrialization, foreign
    investment and competition policy, e-Commerce, Effects of liberalization on the economy.
  •  Infrastructure in Indian Economy, Meaning and importance of infrastructure – Water Supply and Sanitation- Energy and Power – Science and Technology – Rural and Urban Infrastructure, Ports,
    Roads, Airports, Railways, Telecommunication, Dams, Inland Waterways. Social Impact Assessment.
  •  Trends and Patterns in the structure of the population over time, Different Indexes.
  • Indian Public Finance, Government Budgeting, Indian Tax System, Public Expenditure, Public Debt, Deficit and Subsidies in the Indian Economy.
  • Center-State financial relation.
  • Recent fiscal and monetary policy issues and their impact,
  • The structure of Indian Banking and Non- Banking Financial Institutions and reforms, GST: Concept and
    Implications. Stock exchange and share market.
  •  Trend, Composition, Structure, and direction of India’s foreign trade. India’s Balance of payments situation in the post reforms period.
  • The economy of Kerala State-an overview, Population, Major agriculture, Industry, Service sector issues. Infrastructure and resources, Major Developmental Projects, Programmes, and Schemes.
    Co-operative Sector. History and relevant policies in traditional industries, IT Sector, Pravasi and Foreign remittance.
  • Kerala model development- Programmes, Initiatives, and Impacts.
  •  Science and Technology
  • Nature and Scope of ICT, ICT in day to day life, ICT and industry, ICT, and Governance
  •  Technology in Space and Defence: Evolution of Indian Space Programme, ISRO
  •  Energy requirement and efficiency
  • Environmental Science: Issues and concerns related to the environment, its legal aspects, policies, and treaties.
  • Biodiversity – its importance and concerns, Climate change, International initiatives (Policies, Protocols) and India’s commitment, Western Ghats, Features, Characteristics, and issues.
  • Forest and wildlife – Legal framework for Forest and Wildlife Conservation in India.
  • Environmental Hazards, Pollution, Carbon Emission, Global Warming. National action plans on climate change and Disaster Management.
  • Developments in Biotechnology, Green Technology, and Nanotechnology.
  • Current Affairs
  • Language Proficiency – English

Tenses ,Synonyms , Phrasal Verbs, Antonyms, Error Correction, Adjectives, Adverbs, Reported Speech, Active Voice ,Passive Voice, Auxiliary Verb, Question Tag, Degrees of Comparison, Punctuation, Idioms and Phrases, Simple Compound Complex Sentences, Connectives, Prepositional Verbs, Prepositions, Concord , Pronouns, Order and Sentence Order.

  • Language Proficiency – Malayalam
  • Language Proficiency – Kannada
  • Language Proficiency -Tamil

Kerala Administrative Service 2019 Syllabus DOWNLOAD HERE

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