Manipal Entrance Test (MET) – Syllabus


Unit 1- Dynamics

Newton’s Laws of Motion- Fluid Dynamics- Surface Tension- Work – Power – Energy- Gravitation- Concurrent Co-plannar forces

Unit 2- Heat

Gas Laws- Mode of heat transfer

Unit 3- Geometrical Optics

Waves- Sound- Refraction at a plane surface- Refraction through a prism- Refraction at a spherical surface

Unit 4- Physical Optics

Introduction to Theories of Light- Interference- Diffraction- Polarisation- Speed of light

Unit 5- Electrostatics

Electric charges- Electrostatic Field- Capacitors

Unit 6- Current Electricity

Electric current- Kirchoff’s Laws- Magnetic effect of electric current- Mechanical effect of electric current- Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 7- Atomic Physics

Introduction to atomic physics- Photo electric effect- Dual nature of matter- Bohr’s Atom model- Scattering of light- Lasers- Nuclear Physics- Radioactivity- Elementary particles- Solid state electronics- Digital Electronics- Soft condensed matter physics.


Unit 1- Stoichiometry

Unit 2- Atomic Structure

Unit 2- Periodic Properties

Unit 3- Oxidation Number

Unit 4- Gaseous State

Unit 5- Chemical Kinetics

Unit 6- Organic Compunds with Oxygen-2, Amines- Phenols- Aldehydes and Ketones- Monocarboxylic Acids- Amines

Unit 7-Hydrocardons-2

Unit 8- Haloalkanes

Unit 9- Coordination Compounds

Unit 10- Chemical Bonding-2

Unit 11- Chemical Thermodynamics-2

Unit 12- Solid State

Unit 13-Electrochemistry

Unit 14-Organic Chemistry

Unit 15- Isomerism -2

Unit 16- Carbohydrates

Unit 17- Oils and Fats

Unit 18- Amino Acids and Proteins

Unit 19- Metallurgy -2

Unit 20- Industrially Important Compounds

Unit 21- Group 18, Nobel Gases

Unit 22- d- Block elements (transition elements)

Unit 23- Theory of Dilute Solutions

Unit 24- Colloids


General Biology Topics

Biosystematics- Cell Biology-Chromosomes- Cell Reproduction

Botany Topics

Diversity of life on earth- Viruses- Bacteria- Kingdom Protista- Kingdom Mycota- Kingdom Metaphyta- Pteridophyta- Gymnosperms-Angiosperms- Taxonomy and Economic Botany-Elements of plant pathology

General Biology Topics

Introduction to Biology- Biomolecules- Origin of life and organic evolution


Diversity of animal life- Study of Morphology- Animal resources- Aquaculture-Dairy- Poultry- Vermiculture.

Biology –II

General Biology Topics

Molecular Biology- Biotechnology


Plant history & anatomy- Water relations of plants- Bioenergetics- Growth and growth regulators in plants- Man in health and diseases- Continuity of life

General Biology Topics

Genetics- Biodiversity

Mathematics- I

 Algebra- Partial Fractions- Logarithms- Mathematical Induction- Summation of Finite Series- Theory of Equations- Binomial Theorem- Mathematical Logic- Graph Theory- Analytical Geometry- Limits and Continuity- Trigonometry

Mathematics -II

Unit 1 – Algebra

Elements of Number Theory- Group theoryVectors– Matrices and Determinants

Unit 2 –Analytical Geometry

Circles– Conic Sections (Analytical Geometry)TrigonometryComplex numbersDifferentiationApplications of DerivativesInverse Trigonometric Functions

Unit 3- Integration

Statement of the fundamental theorem of integral calculus- Methods of integration,

(1) substitution

(2) partial fractions

(3) integration by parts.

Integration as the reverse process of differentiation.

Unit 4- Definite Integrals

 Evaluation of definite integrals- Application of definite integrals

Unit 5- Differential Equations 

Definitions of order and degree of a differential equation – Formation of a first order differential equation

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